The Best Shin Pads for Soccer

Shin Guards or Shin Pads are an essential component of the football uniform. Without them, you run the risk of a serious leg injury and if the referee is aware, you won’t be playing without them.

In over 40 years of playing football, I have used perhaps 30 brands or styles. I have used those with the heel and a calf strap, those you slip into your sock and ones with Velcro straps to hold them in place. I have used bulky ones and light ones.

They all did their job. I have never suffered serious injury as a result of wearing shin pads. I am not saying I haven’t been hurt. There has been contact – soreness and bruising has resulted and if you do feel along my shin bones, there are some pot holes on that road.

Some of the styles felt more comfortable, some lasted longer and some well, I just prefer a different style.

So which shin guards are best for you? I have looked at several excellent styles and although in function they all offer resistance to injury, the attributes you must consider include protection, comfort, price, convenience, longevity and the benefits each can offer you.

QEES Shin Guards with Compression Calf Sleeve WZ25

Available: Amazon
Price: $13.14 plus delivery
Colour: Black Sleeve, blue guard
Size: Juniors




What I like about the QEES Compression Shin Guards is the dual functionality. The compression sleeve allows better blood circulation with a pouch so the pads can be inserted and removed. Your football sock then go over the top effectively doubling the grip on shin pad placement.


  • Compression sleeve allows for better circulation
  • Compression sleeve also provides a layer of insulation to stop the pad grinding on the skin
  • Sleeve is washable as it will soak up sweat
  • Sleeve tightness will inhibit the movement of the shin pad from the desired position
  • You can still remove the shin pad and leave the sleeve on below the sock
  • No Velcro used so less likely to wear


  • You still have to take off your sock to remove the sleeve, though the ability to remove the shin pad from the pouch creates a convenience
  • Like Velcro, the sleeve may lose its elasticity
  • The polyurethane pads are thinner than I hoped so protection from impact will be reduced



The QEES Shin Guards with Compression Calf Sleeve WZ25 are a good light weight and convenient style of shin pad. They will probably be adequate for youth though with stronger contact, I am not convinced they will provide desirable protection for senior players.


Kangkang@ Ultra-Light Shin Guards Gold

Availability: Amazon

Price: $21.44 plus delivery

Colour: Gold / Black

Size: Juniors


The Kangkang shin pads are a light weight, slip in style of guard with EVA foam cushioning the leg. The Vinyl shield at the front provides firm protection with ventilation gaps allowing heat and moisture to escape enhancing comfort. Your sock will hold the shin pad in place so therefore needs to be tight.


  • They are a slip in style of shin pad which makes them convenient to wear and remove
  • The EVA foam (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) provides excellent cushioning for the leg minimising grinding and discomfort while offering a higher level of protection
  • The perforation vents enhance comfort, by allowing heat to escape and sweat to evaporate. This can reduce the EVA padding’s movement


  • The absence of a Velcro strap means socks must be tight to keep the shin guard from moving about
  • Although the Vinyl front plate provided protection, there are firmer options available on the market


The Kangkang Shin Guards are a great looking set. They are light weight, they do offer great convenience to insert and remove below the sock without taking the shoes off. However at $21.44 plus shipping and the absence of Velcro straps to secure, there are better options on the market.


Nike Charge 2.0 Shin Guards

Available: Amazon

Price: $12.99

Colour: Wolf Grey / Red

Size: Juniors



The Nike Charge 2.0 Shin Guards offer excellent protection due to their polypropylene front plate and EVA cushioning. The heel and calf straps will inhibit movement during games ensuring the shield will remain central to the shin.


  • The polypropylene front plate offers greater protection than both vinyl and polyethylene
  • The EVA foam cushioning reduces friction and increases comfort
  • The heel strap helps keep the sin guard vertical whilst the calf strap inhibits horizontal movement
  • Great price


  • The absence of ventilation may create some discomfort as heat and moisture will be trapped beneath the foam
  • The heel strap means the shin pad cannot be removed without removing both shoes and socks so it loses some points for lack of convenience
  • The Velcro straps will lose some elasticity over time



The Nike Charge 2.0 Shin Guards are an excellent option for kids. They provide superior protection, great cushioning and are great value for money.

Adidas Evertomic Lite Shin Guards

Available: Amazon

Colour: Black, White and Red

Size: Junior to Seniors

Price: $22.50 (free delivery for orders over $39.00)


If protecting your shins is the most important attribute you are looking for, these Adidas Evertomic Lite Shin Guards tick that box. The shield is 100% polypropylene making them the most rigid of the products reviewed.  The polypropylene is contained by a synthetic lining with EVA foam cushioning the leg from the rigidity of the shield.



  • Polypropylene provides excellent protection from contact
  • Single Velcro strap ensures the top of the guard is tight arounbd your calf, while the heel strap keeps the base firm around your foot
  • Ankle guards also built in for extra protection
  • EVA foam providing excellent cushioning against rubbing and delivers comfort
  • The shield is separated into 5 pieces making it easier to wrap around your leg, providing greater width, security and comfort
  • Price is reasonable for the quality of the product


  • It is a bulky shin pad, meaning your sock will have to be larger than normal
  • It lacks the convenience of being able to remove it without taking off your shoes and socks



There is no doubt the Adidas Evertomic Lite Shin Guards are a quality product for both senior and junior players. Younger kids may suffer some initial discomfort, though I am sure from a parent’s perspective safety comes first. The wrap around and strength of these shin guards make them a great option.



We have looked at 4 Shin Guards all of which have some positive qualities. If like me you prefer a style that provides the convenience of being able to insert or remove your shin guards without taking off your shoes and socks, then the QEES or Kangkang@ styles maybe for you.

If however, you are looking for an option that provides greater protection in addition to comfort, the Nike Charge 2.0 is a great one for kids at a very reasonable price, while the Adidas Evertomic Lite Shin Guards, though bulky will provide the best safety and comfort.

If you have any questions regarding this shin guard review or have some experiences you would like to share, please write in the comments section below and I will respond in due course.

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14 thoughts on “The Best Shin Pads for Soccer”

  1. Shin pads are very important for anyone who is going to play professional football but some people feel it is a problem because it might add a little weight to their legs. I think getting protected is paramount. These are very good shin guards you have discussed here. Of the strapless and the strapped, which do you recommend to be the best.

    1. It really depends on how tight your socks are whether strapless are adequate. If tight, then they can hold the shin pads in place. My preference is something with strap, that you can slip in beneath your sock. Thanks for your feedback

  2. Hi Pete. I don’t know a lot about football (or soccer as we call it), but my granddaughter loves and plays the game. Her parents are a bit cash strapped at the ,moment so I’ve been looking out for some gear for her. I would love to buy some of the shin pads you have listed in your review. I think the Nike charge 2.00 Shin Guard may suit her needs. She’s 12 years of age and of small stature. What are your thoughts on this, or would you recommend an other product? Thanks Jim

    1. Hi Jim, I think the Nike Charge 2.0 are very good value for kids. They will provide adequate protection and are the right price.

  3. Shin pads definitely are an integral part of football kits and which must not be taken with levity in order not to risk having career ending injuries. Some of the boys in my team do not have a pad and I am trying all my best to prevent them from sustaining an injury that is the reason I wish to order for them. I like the Nike charge 2.0 a lot, it looks great and very strong to protect especially for teens. I’ll show this to them and allow them to decide on the one they want but if left to me, I’d prefer the Nike Charge2.0

  4. Hi, Pete.
    Thanks for sharing information on the best Shin Pads for soccer.
    All the four variants are excellent in features but I liked the Nike Charged 2.0 the most.
    My daughter practices and plays soccer as an exercise game so removing them in between will not be negative.
    It was a timely help,
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  5. Wow, these are some great sets of shin pads. Some people do not know the importance of having shin pads on while playing football.they just step onto the field without them. Sometimes, when they are hit, they sustain severe injuries. I love the shin pad in your review. Although my days of football are over, I’d love to buy for my son who still plays a lot of football. Safety can’t be overrated. Thanks for writing this review. 

  6. Thank you so much for this review of the best shin pads for soccer. Though all sound great, as you said in your verdict, from a parent’s perspective safety comes first. I really like the Adidas Evertomic Lite. Yes I understand that it is the bulkiest of the four reviewed guards, but again, safety comes first.

    Sometimes opting for convenience is not the way to go when it comes to any sport where a player can get seriously hurt. As adults we may take risks because we have control of our actions and most situations. However when it comes to our kids, that responsibility for safety relies on us as parents.

    My choice for best protection would be any guard that has polypropylene as its constructive material. Even if it were for me and not my kid, I would rather have the best protection, even if it means I have to spend an extra minute or two to take my shoes and socks off. Though I am a Nike fan, Adidas has my vote on this.

  7. I remember back then when I would play football shin pad was like an iron shield and I didn’t like that so didn’t like wearing them.I didn’t care about getting kicked in the shin as it hurts more getting kicked in other body parts. Once I was kicked in the shin and it caused horrible pain. I couldn’t have imagined the such unbearable pain. After that experience, I never forgot to wear shin pads again. Among your four shin pads, I would rather buy the Adidas Evertomic Lite Shin Guards as a gift. Thanks for the post

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