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The Best Goal Keeper Gloves for Football

When you start looking for goal keeping gloves, it is easy to get lost in the marketing jargon. Negative cut, hybrid, roll finger, negative roll – they are just a few of the descriptions manufacturers incorporate into their branding to distinguish their gloves. All of them bring benefits, but are they real or just advertising puff?

Negative Cut

Negative cut goal keeping gloves are characterised by having the latex palm and back hand seam stitched on the inside of the glove. Material called a gusset is used to link the palm and the back of the hand. This means the glove is pulled tighter around the hand and fingers, though the fingers remain relatively flat.

Flat Palm

Flat Palm Goal keeping gloves are characterised by the latex palm and back hand stitches being on the outside of the glove. This results in the glove fingers being wider and not as tight. The glove itself can be tightened on the wrist with the Velcro strap.

Roll Finger (Cut)

The roll finger cut removes the gusset enabling the latex to wrap around the fingers to the back of the hand. This results in the fingers being rounded rather than flat and maximises the glove’s grip. Because the stitches are on the outside of the glove, the fingers won’t be as tight as a negative cut.

Hybrid Cut

A hybrid cut is any combination of cuts. For example, it is possible to have a negative roll (Negative Cut and Roll Fingers) which means the stitches are on the inside, no gusset and latex grip rounding the fingers. This ensures the glove is tighter around the hand with maximum latex grip.

While there are numerous derivative cuts and styles, these are the most common.

We have reviewed four goal keeping gloves across numerous brands. Each of them has qualities that make them stand out. Which one you decide to choose will depend on numerous factors:

  • Comfort
  • Grip
  • Tightness
  • Protection
  • Durability
  • Price (value for money)



Adidas Predator Pro Hybrid PC Goal Keeper Gloves

Available: Amazon

Size: 7 to 11

Colour: White/Cyan/Metallic Silver and Yellow

Style: Negative Cut

Price: $163.00 (cheapest found)

The Adidas Predator Pro PC Goal Keeping Gloves is negative cut, with a removable wrist strap and 3.5mm cushioning in the palm. Silicone is also sewn into the back hand of the glove providing insulation and power when punching the ball way. The latex palm provides excellent grip while Fingersave spines (supports) in the fingers resist pressure when pressed backwards.


  • Negative cut means the glove is tight around the hand and fingers ensuring minimum separation when in action
  • Latex wraps around the fingers to the gusset ensuring a wide surface to catch and parry the ball
  • The 3.5mm insulation provides good impact protection
  • The silicone knitted into the back hand provides an offensive and defensive quality providing both a firmer surface to punch the ball and protection when its needed


  • The detachable strap – take it or leave it, it would probably be easier to have the straps sewn on and used, if you lose them they are gone
  • The price, it is not a cheap set of gloves
  • The higher price tag doesn’t mean the gloves will last you any longer – negative cut gloves can wear marginally faster than roll finger or hybrid gloves
  • The absence of air vents can result in sweat retention and consequently some discomfort

The Adidas Predator Pro PC gloves are a great set if you take your football seriously. They will be a seamless extension of your hands with excellent insulation and grip that will ensure you can confidently stop shots under pressure. If this appeals to you click here now.



Available: Amazon

Size: 7 to 9

Colour: Black/Red/ Yellow

Style: Negative Cut

Price: $96.63 (cheapest found)

The Reusch Fit Control R3 Goal Keeping gloves are a different style of glove again. The expanse cut nature means the glove is latex all over making it more flexible with a slightly larger palm surface. The gloves have extra foam inserted in the base of the palm in addition to splints in the fingers to avoid over extension. Add to this mesh ventilation spread throughout the back hand will allow heat to escape and moisture to evaporate. Finally, a Velcro wrist strap allows the gloves to be tightened around the wrist to stop them sliding around.


  • The latex expanse cut result in a snug/comfortable fit
  • The finger splints will provide some protection against over extension
  • The liberal latex spread provides for excellent grip
  • Additional padding at the base of the palm provides both extra protection and insulation in the area that wears the fastest


  • The brand may not be as familiar as some of the big brands like Nike and Adidas, though with goal keeping gloves it is one area of football that the big names (eg Adidas and Nike) don’t necessarily have the best product and there is better value for money – this makes it a Pro
  • Wet the latex to aid the grip

Reusch make excellent goalkeeper gloves. When it comes to great quality and great value, it is hard to go past the Fit Control R3 set. If you have been looking for a set with great grip, comfort and feel like a mere extension of your hand, then click here now.



Renegade Vulcan Goal Keeper Gloves with removable Pro Fingersaves

Available: Amazon

Size: 6 to 11

Colour: Black/Silver/Red

Style: Flat Cut

Price: $78.18 (cheapest found)

The Renegade Vulcan Goal Keeper gloves are a flat cut, with removable finger guards and pre-arched latex palm grip.   The finger guards are flexible forwards though won’t bend backwards. If players find them uncomfortable, they can simply remove them. 3mm thick latex in the catching position is supported by flexible foam in the back hand, with memory technology molding to the hand.  Finally, the gloves have good ventilation that allows heat and moisture to escape.


  • The palms are pre-arched in the catching position making them ready for action
  • Ventilation maximises comfort by allowing sweat and heat to escape
  • Finger supports prevent the fingers from bending backwards, providing added protection
  • The flat cut nature ensures the latex grip is maximised with broader fingers and overall width


  • The flat cut nature means the seams are stitched on the outside, meaning they won’t be as tight
  • Despite ventilation, I still found sweat built up during games which became a little uncomfortable

The Renegade Vulcan Goalkeeping gloves are a superb set that will not disappoint. The removable finger guards are available if desired or removable giving you the option either way. If this sounds like it is what you have been looking for, click here now.


the-best-goalkeeper-gloves-in-footballPuma Future Grip 19.1 Goal Keeping Gloves

Available: Amazon

Size: 7 to 10.5

Colour: Orange / Black/ Blue

Style: Hybrid Cut

Price: $131.00 (cheapest found)

With a hybrid, negative and roll finger cut, the Puma Future Grip 19.1 Goal Keeping Gloves combine a snug fit with ample latex coverage across the palm. The 4mm of latex palm will enhance durability while maximising grip. The gloves have also additional silicone in the backhand to provide better protection when punching the ball away. Hands are slipped into the gloves from the side with zippers used to enclose the wrist.


  • The hybrid cut keeps the glove tight round the fingers enhancing that ‘second skin’ feel
  • Extra latex in the palm improves durability
  • Liberal latex around the fingers also maximises the surface grip that is exposed to the ball
  • Silicone padding in the knuckles adds extra protection while adding to the bounce effect when punching the ball way


  • The zippers are cumbersome to open when wearing the gloves
  • Though the polyester in the glove will absorb sweat, lack of ventilation means it will be retained which will impact on comfort

The Puma Future Grip 19.1 Goalkeeper gloves are a great option for the serious goalkeeper. The quality cannot be faulted and if you are want to be confident with a truly quality product, click here now.


Which Goal Keeping Gloves to Purchase?

The Reusch Fit Control R3 Goal Keeping gloves tick all the boxes for me. With full latex around the glove, it fits tightly around the hand and provides a seamless protective extension that will enhance confidence. In addition, the mesh ventilation will ensure heat can escape and sweat can evaporate maximising comfort. The presence of finger guards will also inhibit injury from that missed-time save or powerful strike.

It is not the most expensive of the gloves available on the market. But if you want something that ticks all the boxes, purchase the Reusch Fit Control R3 Goal Keeping gloves.

If you have any feedback about the gloves I have reviewed or have recommendations of your own, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Goal Keeper Gloves for Football”

  1. Great article. Getting the best goal keeper gloves is important for football. You want something strong enough to protect your hands from impact to a degree, but flexible enough so you can use your hands effectively. 

    The Predator Pro gloves are great. I’ve heard a lot of good things about those. If you do get them, I would recommend stacking on some kind of glove-care kit with your order. That way you can take care of your gloves after each game and keep them new. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for such an informative post goalkeeper gloves. My brother is a football fanatic he plays in his own team, competing with others. I bet if I buy him the gloves he would be so happy out of this world. Adidas one looks good, the price is very reasonable as well. Thanks for all the reviews.

    1. That is great Nuttanee. Football is such a great sport to be involved with. I am sure he would be happy with the gloves, provided of course he is a goalkeeper. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Thank you for reviewing these awesome goalkeeping gloves. You also gave a brief education on the different types of cuts for the gloves and I didn’t know all that. Do you think I should go for your recommendation. I’ll buy the Reusch Fit Control R3 Goal Keeping glove since you have recommended it and it ticks all the boxes. Thanks again!

    1. Nice one Henderson. It can depend on how serious you are about your football. To some, spending over $100 on a pair of gloves for football may seem exorbitant. Though, you pay for quality with a certain expectation of durability. I do think the Reusch set are both quality and reasonably priced. Thanks for your feedback.

  4. As I read this review, I remember reading somewhere about  Gordon Banks, an English keeper and one of the greatest to ever live, used to chew mint gum to make his hands extra sticky.

    More often than not, the brand names put their price tag higher. But it is the knowledgeable reviewer who can distinguish the difference. 

    I like the quality and price of Reusch Fit Control R3 Goal Keeping gloves as well i.e. your recommendation. The one thing I am curious about is the size they offer vs. the rest of the other gloves in this review. 7-9 size seems to be a narrow range offering. I like their stand-out colors as well.

    Thank you for a great review.

    1. Thanks Anusuya, for the cheapest prices available for that particular size of Reusch glove, these were the sizes offered from that supplier on Amazon. Other sizes are available, however not at the same price or necessarily from that vendor. Thanks for pointing it out, it was worth explaining.

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