Product Review – Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite FG


Product Review – Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite FG

Product: Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite FG (Firm Ground)

Cheapest Price: $184.99

Cheapest Place to buy:

Colours: Black, Armoury Blue and White with Crimson

Rating: 9 out of 10


Product Description

The Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite FG is a modern style of boot with soft Kangaroos leather and ridges decking out the exterior.

Nike’s Flywire technology is also evident in the boot. The Flywire wraps around the boot to the laces ensuring your foot and boot are integrated.

Stability Pods – like most good football boots, the boot has stability pods above the heel.  This provides better stability and protection to the ankle. You can feel the soft leather transitioning into an insulated rigidity.

The studs are well cushioned with a moulded sock liner and provide excellent traction on most surfaces.


My Experience

The problem I have with most boots is the base coming away from the toe. It usually starts small, with grass and dirt filling the gap. After a while the base flaps like an open mouth and it is bin time.

I wore Asics boots for 6 years, replacing them almost every year. With my last pair of Nike football boots, the base still opened up at the toe, though it took two years, not one as was the case with my Asics boots.

I purchased the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite FG boots at the beginning of 2019, replacing my previous Nike boots that I had been wearing for two years. Generally, each year I play:

  • 26 Winter soccer games
  • 12 summer soccer games
  • 34 Training sessions

As a result, my boots endure a good work out and to date, I cannot fault them.

 Pros and Cons 



  • The soft leather permits greater flexibility and less rubbing meaning better comfort. It also allows the leather to stretch without ripping, allowing the boot to mould to the shape of your foot
  • Nike’s Flywire Technology integrates the boot with the foot and creates a locking effect. This helps avoid movement within the boot ensuring the boot and your foot are one and the same whilst accelerating and changing direction. It also ensures the weight of the boot is minimised.
  • They are true to size meaning they will fit your regular size and will stretch. If it feels a little tight, don’t be alarmed, this boot will mould.
  • The boot, like most of the Nike boots I have owned, delivers better longevity & therefore better value than other brands I have used.


  • With some of the technological advancements sometimes quoted by Nike, it is not easy to distinguish between real advancements and marketing spin. Has the boot truly evolved from its predecessor the Legend 6? Sure there are some changes but this doesn’t always mean improvements. In any case, the price is reasonable for a boot of this calibre and longevity.




The Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite FG comes in 3 styles

  • White with Hyper Crimson
  • Armoury Blue with Hyper Crimson and Metallic Silver
  • Black Metallic


Value for Money

As with many boots, you seem to pay more for flashier colours. The Black Metallic offers the best value though if you like the flashier colours, look out for them on sale.

Is the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite FG Worthy?

For my part, the Tiempo 7 Elite ticks all the boxes. The soft leather stretches and doesn’t rub. The stretching permits easy moulding to your foot and makes it easier to get on and off. The Flywire engagement up to the laces ensures the boot remains tight around the top of your foot with little or no movement within the boot when accelerating and changing direction. The studs allow excellent traction for the purpose they were manufactured, gripping short or slightly wet grass. Finally, the problems I have had with previous boots are not evident with this boot. The toe remains tightly compacted with the base and there seems to be no inclination there will be a parting of ways any time soon. For the amount of wear I get from there and at the price I paid for them, I would recommend them.

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14 thoughts on “Product Review – Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite FG”

  1. Excellent article on Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite FG ,I can boldly say its that quality that’s makes me choose Nike products.Your experience is awesome to wear Asics boots for 6 years, replacing them almost every year. Yes quality speaks, I myself love to buy Nike products when it comes to buying boots,the products gives value for money indeed,for me using a boot for more than a 3 years,I think its welcoming,thank you for sharing this awesome review.

    1. Thanks Abayomi for your feedback. Yes Nike do some great products. Hasn’t been my experience with everything the do, however their football boots have been great.

  2. Exactly the kind of boot I would like to purchase for my son. I love the sleekness and the appearance. It is really awesome to see the Nike tempo legend 7 to like this. I love the fact that it expands and the leather is not painful on the feet at all. That is a plus. Well, my son has always liked black boot alone and I will get just that for him. Thumbs up on this review of the tempo legend 7 elite

    1. Thanks for the feedback RoDarrick. I like black boots also. In fact the only person in my household that does. My reasoning is more because the coloured ones tend to attract more attention from the opposition and the referee. I am not vane enough to desire this and would rather be a bit more stealth like. Enjoy the boot I hope he likes it.

  3. Hi Pete, this is indeed a really nice boot and I must admit its eye catching. There are lots of boot in the market that are not if good quality and are just very fanciful. Some time ago I got a football boot that burst open the very first day I used it to play football and thats my most annoying experience with a football boot. I wouldn’t mind getting this boot regardless of the prices, Thanks for sharing.

    1. Dane – first day really? I’d be taking that one back and getting a replacement or refund for sure.

      The Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite is worth the coin. I have had more expensive boots than this so feel there is good value for money here.

  4. The Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite FG is a very good pick in my opinion. I have a friend who uses a tiempo and he could swear that there’s no better boot than the one he is using right now. It really does have some technological advancements and works pretty well but I think the thing with the toe part coming off is up with so many Nike shoes. I hope they improve on that though. Nice post here.

    1. Yes Henderson, unfortunately the toe thing is not a Nike exclusive issue. I have had several brands go the same way. Maybe it is the way I run or play, but I know I am not alone. 

      Still a good boot for the price and would recommend it.

  5. Great review you have done up here and  this is really great to know of. The elegance and the beauty of this boot is great. I like it for the elongated life and the fact that it can be used over a long time. That’s good to know. I love Nike boots generally but with quality always come cost.. That has scared me off them in the past but I’m surely getting this nke tiempo7 elite.

  6. Oh this looks like a very good boot that I should snatch for myself. I see that you speak about a problem with the toe part coming off first with dirt and grass entering before it comes off completely. Is there a solution to that problem or one will just try to us the boot less frequently. I await your reply.

    1. Hi John, I think using the boot less frequently defeats the purpose. It is a problem with manufacturing and I suppose they would call it wear and tear. It does seem to happen with most brands at some point though has taken longer with my last 2 Nike pairs.

  7. Hello there thanks for bringing out this really wonderful post. My son plays football and he plays as an attacking midfielder with which the game play requires him to take long range shot and this has been spoiling all his previous boots. Looking at the quality of this boot, I’ll love to get one for him and hopefully it will last longer than the others.

    1. It is a great boot Chloe, I use them myself and have just completed my first season with them. They may not last 2 full seasons though I do play a lot, even the off season.

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