Nike Pitch Premier League Football 2018/19


Product Review – Nike Pitch Premier League Football 2018/19


Guarantee: 2 years shape and stitches

Size: 4 different sizes


The Nike Pitch Premier League Football offers a value proposition as far as footballs go. Its glossy exterior and strong colouring make it an attractive option, designed to be highly visible on the park. Its slick surface and cushioned softness lend it more towards a match ball though could easily be used at training (and is the right price when buying multiple training balls).

Product Description

The Pitch Premier League football comes in a range of sizes and colours.

According to Nike:

Size 1, the smallest, is designed as a skill development ball. Touch, turns, kicking and control are always more challenging with a smaller ball.

Size 3 – for years aged 9 and under

Size 4 – for ages 10 to U12

Size 5 – for ages 12 and up

Colours 2018/19


Nike Pitch Premier League Football – Yellow


Nike Pitch Premier League Royal Blue, Red and White


Nike Pitch Premier League Football – Volt, Purple White and Blue


Nike Pitch Premier League Football – White, Blue and Purple


Product Specifications

The Ball is machine stitched with 12 pentagonal panels. Machine stitched balls won’t generally last as long as those that are hand stitched though are considered to respond more consistently when used. As a result, the Pitch football is better suited as a match ball.

Whilst many match balls will use latex bladders, the Nike Pitch PL 18/19 uses a rubber bladder. The benefit, to rubber as against latex is that the rubber will retain air pressure for longer. Latex bladders will often need to be pumped up weekly or fortnightly, depending on usage. The rubber bladder may retain adequate air pressure for up to 3 months.

In addition, the rubber bladder, being more durable than latex, the ball will retain its shape for longer.

The slick exterior surface is insulated with internal polyurethane. This ensures connection with the ball is cushioned when striking.


Pros and Cons


Like all product of this nature, there is the risk of machine stitching coming apart more easily than hand stitched balls. This is the risk you take as the less expensive option will usually be the machine stitched balls.

The bladder maybe heavier than latex, however the ball has adequate cushioning to ameliorate the effect of the bladder’s firmness.



The rubber bladder means the ball will retain air pressure for longer. This is one of my real issues with footballs. When you arrive at training or games on time, only to find the balls have lost air in the last couple of days. Having to spend 5 to 10 minutes pumping up balls when you just want to get on with training, team talks or the match is just frustrating.

The balls have great aesthetics and the manufacturing ensure there will be both consistency and durability. The bladder ensures maintenance will be kept to a minimum.



Nike back their manufacturing with a 2 year stitching and shape warranty which is a great comfort given these are the two things that can really go wrong with a football (wear and tear scuffing is normal).


While Nike has a suggested price of US$30 per ball, alternate websites and stores will have it on sale from time to time. currently has a multi purchase deal at 2 for 20 pounds. At this price they are great value.

Should I buy it?

The Nike Pitch Premier League Football 2018/2019 represents great value for a football of its quality. You are not getting the ball Kane and Salah are knocking into the back of the net. What you are getting is a less expensive version that will suit park football or training sessions. One that will give you excellent consistency, longevity and won’t require you to pump it up every week. If there are any issues with shape or stitching the guarantee has your back.

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6 thoughts on “Nike Pitch Premier League Football 2018/19”

  1. That is a great value for the price. I thought it would be more expensive than that. It looks unique and high quality. And to have a football you don’t have to pump for a few months, is a great idea.

    I often don’t take note of names of footballs that I bought, but I am most certain I haven’t purchased this particular make, and I will love to have the feeling of playing it. Thanks for the write up.

    1. No sweat. My son was given one for his birthday recently. The exterior feels so soft I can’t wait to kick it around with him. Though every time I ask him if he wants to have a kick with it he says no. He wants to keep it pristine. I’m like, Come on!

  2. Once I saw this post, I thought that it was the top notch ball that is used by the football players in the premier league, lol. It’s very good though, that the balls have a two year stitching guarantee since it can be easy for this one to lose its stiches when it is made with a machine. I wouldn’t mind to grab one for myself. Having different sizes for different ages is also good. One downside might be it’s price but for a premier league designed football, well why not?

    1. Hi Henderson, price can be a relative term. If it will last longer and won’t require pumping up as regularly as balls with rubber bladders, then they can offer great value. If the price is a concern, put it on your wish list and let someone buy it for you!

  3. Now this is what I’m talking about. I love the quality of this Nike ball, compared to others i have seen, this is the best. I have been meaning to buy a football for my son who plays as an attacking midfielder and from team tactics he  is to always shoot from outside the box. Some of the balls i have got for him seem to be going out of form easily. I hope getting this ball would aid his better development and last longer. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That is great Dane. Too often you buy something that looks great, but performs terribly. In the case of the Nike Pitch Premier League Football not only looks great, the quality is there also.

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