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About My Football Training Drills

I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in football, the world game, for over 40 years. Since the age of 6 as a player and more recently as a coach, a referee and as an administrator as my family commenced their football journeys.

Coaching wasn’t something I sought out.Though after offering to help a friend with a program for under 5’s, I wish I’d pursued it earlier. It was extremely satisfying seeing kids develop their skills during the course of the program. It provided me with something I didn’t know I was missing. Further, I realised I had received so much satisfaction from my football journey, that it was time I started giving back and contributing to the journeys of others.

As a result, I pursued coaching courses, I got my refereeing certificate and joined the committee for my kid’s football club. Too much? Well I love it!

My Football Training Drills is another component in my contribution back to football. I hope what I provide fulfills the needs of the football community and will take any feedback that will enhance the development of teams or individuals in their football journey.

There are plenty of coaching drills and skill development websites on the internet. I am hoping you find what you need here.


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Peter Mclean

My Football Training Drills


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